Dance Audition Video

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Dance Audition Video shoot prices (inc VAT)

Video Shoot Duration Price *
2.0 hrs £225.00
2½ hrs £250.00
3.0 hrs £275.00
3½ hrs £300.00

* studio hire costs may also apply - approx £55.00

Who are Dance Audition Video shoots for?

Dance Audition Video shoots are intended for all part-time / full-time students of all ages, or dancers currently unemployed. An Audition Video Shoot is an ideal way of producing a professional online video / DVD / showreel suitable for all audition, CV and portfolio purposes.

n.b For those dancers currently employed please contact me for prices

What are the aims of an Dance Audition Video shoot:

My job is to highlight the strengths, technique and personality of the dancer whilst retaining a truthful representation of them. As a former classical ballet dancer for 15 years I will use my experience and knowedge to ensure that all photographs and video portray you to the very best of your abilities.

What will you receive?

Professional high quality Online Video / DVD / Showreel suitable for all Audition, CV & Portfolio purposes.

Price includes the following:

  • 2.0 hr minimum Video Shoot with a Professional Dance Videographer
  • Professional HD 1080p video captured on the latest Nikon Pro gear
  • Professional high-quality audio recorded independently
  • Setting & coaching of barre / centre / rep / solos etc if necessary
  • Pre-recorded class piano music provided if necessary
  • Online Video / Showreel hosted at

n.b re-editing costs for multiple Online Video / Showreel edits may apply: £35 per video

Please note:

All editing of Audition CV Photographs & Video is restricted to skin, hair tidying, minor outfit imperfections and background.
No editing of any kind to adjust body shape, arch of foot, height of leg etc is permitted.
As a recognised Professional Dance Photographer, I am responsible for ensuring that all Audition CV Photographs & Video produced by myself are a truthful representation of the dancer.

IMPORTANT : All Photographs & Videos produced by Tim Cross Photography are protected by Copyright and as such no editing of any kind is permitted by anyone other than Tim Cross. Any such post-editing would be breaking the Terms & Conditions that the images were taken under as well as Copyright Law.

Choosing a photographer / videographer

There are professional Dance Photographers, and there are photographers who will also photograph dancers. The former and not the latter is highly recommended! As an ex-professional dancer with Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet & Birmingham Royal Ballet for 15 years, I specialise in Dance & Theatre Photography and Videography. With my knowledge and experience, I will ensure that all photographs and video taken will portray you to the very best of your abilites.

IMPORTANT : Whoever you choose for your Dance Audition Photographs & Videos, I strongly recommend that they have at the very least:

  • a solid and proven understanding of the technical and aesthetic requirements of dance that all major International Dance Schools and Companies expect
  • the experience, knowledge and ability to correct and critique all styles of dance safely and professionally
  • recognition as an established professional Dance Photographer / Videographer by all major International Dance Schools and Companies
  • a current enhanced DBS Certificate (previously a CRB check)


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